With the Beatles
Please plase me
A hard days nights and movie
Beatles for sale
Help! and movie
Rubber soul
Sargent Peppers
Magical Mistery Tour and movie
White album 1
White album 2
Yellow submarine and movie
Abbey Road
Let it be and movie
Red Album 1962 - 1966
Rock and roll music
Blue Album 1967-1970
Past masters 1
Past masters 2
Green Album 1971-1974
Get back album
Lady Madona and more!
Second Album
Beatles 1
Beatles Rarities
Across the Universe
The Beatles anthology 8 episodes.
Trilogy volume 1, 2, and 3
All You Need Is Love
Can't Buy Me Love
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
From me to you
Get Back
Hey Jude
I Feel Fine
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Please Please Me
Rock and Roll Music
Shes a Woman
Twist n Shout
I'm a loser
I'm down
we can work it out
Penny lane
paperback writer
Paul McCartney - Drive My Car
Paul McCartney - Get Back
Paul McCartney - Lady Madonna
Paul McCartney - Please Please Me

Paul McCartney - SGT Pepper's
John Lennon stand by me
Jonh Lennon Imagine
John Lennon Jealous Guy
Harrison my sweet lord George
Harrison I got my mindset on youGeorge
Harrison When We Was Fab
Ringo Starr You are Sixteen
Ringo Starr It Dont Come Easy